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FTH: Why would you be interested in the ctif?
FTH: or buttons?
OTT: I keep losing buttons. They just vanish. I don't understand it.
OTT: On the other hand, two Poo-chis mysteriously appeared.
OTT: So that's worth a few buttons.
OTT: Ctif was just small talk. I don't understand what it is, but I heard you have it.
OTT: Seemed like as good an icebreaker as anything else.
FTH: I wouldn't say coincidence is a good place to look for buttons.
FTH: and ctif? maybe it will be more useful for breaking ice than for its original purpose
FTH: because for me, it makes no sense
FTH: anyway, if you want to ask AP about it you can do it now
FTH: He just appeared online.
FTH: Not on the public chat but you can always send a private message
OTT: I'm not sure how to send him a private message. Can you tell me?
FTH: You must be new to coincidence.
FTH: Which version of Coincidence do you have?
FTH: The one with GUI or the one with the commandline?
OTT: I'm very new. There's a gui.
OTT: It may not be the real thing though - it says it's a demo interface.
FTH: I never heard about a demo interface?
FTH: Where did you get it from.
OTT: Suddenly I'm worried that it might be contraband....
OTT: Is there a place I can find the actual Coincidence clint with full functionality?
OTT: client, not clint
OTT: my e-key doesn't work very well.
FTH: I got mine on a CD which was included to a newspaper which balthasar got from some uncle
FTH: I don't think in even can be contraband. where does that idea come from?
FTH: I'm interested. because I never heard of a demo. And because coincidence is not findable on the internet these days
OTT: I guess I'm just worried that I'm somewhere that I ought not be.
OTT: And if I say that I'm here through the internet, is that naughty?
FTH: ?. Anyway, what does your interface look like. Maybe we could figure something out.
FTH: through the internet? most of us are. Communication software usually requires some kind of internet.
OTT: It's a box to type in, with buttons to Send, Refresh, and Disconnect
OTT: and at the bottom it specifically says:
OTT: (This interface is only a demo, a proof of concept. It is very limited. No autorefresh, no private chat, etc. For full functionality use the actual Coincidence client.)
FTH: interesting.
OTT: I'm using it at
FTH: is there maybe a configuration file in the directory in which it's installed?
FTH: oh, wait a website?
FTH: I can't aaccess it
FTH: says there is no such website
fredTheHacker (FTH) sent the file 2010-12-13-094234_1024x768_scrot.png.
OTT: Huh - that's strange
OTT: I'm not sure how to receive that image
OTT: Did you just take a screen shot?
FTH: normally coincidence automatically stores files in a directory
FTH: but on a website - no idea
FTH: yes
OTT: oh
OTT: looking for the .config file, I just found a log of an earlier session
OTT: so, no luck there.
OTT: Hey FTH, forgetting the website for a moment...
OTT: can you tell me what you know about LEML
FTH: balthasar are you behind this?
FTH: LEML? no idea
B: I? not that I know
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B: ???
B: I am.
B: ???
B: oops, sorry
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B: ???
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B: ???
OTT: It's going to be okay
BFTF: I set up a simple web interface for coincidence.
BFTF: Sorry for the confusion
OTT: Y'all are taking this pretty well.
OTT: Or maybe you're not.
OTT: Are you okay?
FTH: you mean, there is a web site, you enter it and start using coincidence?
BFTF: yes
FTH: Have you thought what happens when it's discovered by trolls?
FTH: or neokids?
BFTF: not really
BFTF: I think I'll temporarily change the time offset, and then I'll figure something out
FTH: You really from 2015?
BFTF: no, just pretending.
BFTF: I'm from 2016, actually
BFTF: :)
BFTF: wait, for it, I'm changing the settings
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