time after Time

This is the interface for viewing and ONGing time after Time stories. It consists of the following parts:

how to ONG?

If you want to make a time after Time story and have it ONGed from here contact me via PM or e-mail (bicyclesonthemoon @ chirping mustard). You'll get an username and password. Then you can get access via FTP or SFTP to a directory where you can upload frames. In that directory there are also configuratiobn files which you can use to change some things, like the ONG time, the alt text, etc. Together we determine what to put in those files.

configuration files explanation

the source

The source is released under the AGPL 3 license.

It may require some explanation which is not provided yet. It uses paths specific to my server. All paths are defined on the beginning of the files.

The following files are available: 1190.bicyclesonthemoon.info