How to use the proxy

This is a description of how to use the proxy for archiving posts from the OTT facebook group.

The first required thing is access to the facebook group. For this you'll need a facebook account. There are three things you can do.

  1. Use your own facebook account. But remember, all your private stuff will go through the proxy and will be stored there for some days. Also, any posts written from the account you use to view it will not be recognised as yours by the bot.
  2. Create a fake account and join the OTT group with it.
  3. Use the fake account I already created for this purpose. Write a PM to me to get login information. I will only give access to those already on the facebook group. I think tis is the best option of the three

The next step is to make sure that facebook is configured correctly for you. use m.facebook.com. It should look like this:

If it does not look like this do not use the proxy for archiving the group. The html is different. I discovered recently that sometimes facebook sends you a different version of html. Change your useragent (best to something facebook doesn't know) to make it send you the correct version of the html

There are two settings that have to be set correctly for the bot to understand everything:

Now you can start using the proxy. The description is for my browser (Iceweasel, clone of Firefox), in your browser setting the proxy may be different.

Use bicyclesonthemoon.info:59080 for http proxy and bicyclesonthemoon.info:59557 for ssl proxy.

Try to access any URL. Must be http, not https. You will see a message that the proxy is not unlocked. Follow the hyperlink from that message.

You'll see a login form. Send me a PM if you want an username and password. The IP field is already filled unless you accessed the form via https. Even if accessed through http the form is always submitted through https. Remember, everything you do through the proxy will be recorded.

After submitting the form you'll see a warning about an untrusted https. This situation will happen for every domain accessed through https. This can't be avoided. The https proxy requires performing an MITM attack to work correctly. Tell your browser to trust the https (don't do such things when not using this proxy!) and continue. The proxy uses SHA1 fingerprint: 17:DE:45:18:54:F3:05:59:8D:02:1F:87:AD:9C:38:5A:9F:B7:BC:04 and MD5 fingerprint: B4:A3:92:EC:2D:01:9C:5E:8E:6F:A7:C5:D2:3D:0A:26. If there is something wrong of the actual certifficate of a server you connect to through the proxy it will not be proxied to you.

You'll see an information that the proxy is now unlocked for you.

Keep that page open and continue in a separate tab/window. If after a timeout the proxy is locked again (http will give you an error message, https will not work at all) you'll just switch to that page, press F5 (or whatever else reloads the page in your browser) and the proxy will be unlocked again.

Go to m.facebook.com, log in and open the OTT group. You'll notice that the images are not working. It's again the https warning thing. The images are hosted on three different domains.

To make the images appear open them in a new tab/window. Then you'll see the https warning and you'll be able to tell your browser to trust them. You'll have to do it three times. Once for an image attachment (like in the first post on the illustration above) hosted on scontent-*.xx.fbcdn.net, once for an image attached to a link (like in the third post in the illustration) hosted on external-*.xx.fbcdn.net and once for a smiley (or the like button, easier to find, the little box next to the number of likes) hosted on static.xx.fbcdn.net. If the "view image" option is not available (after hight-click) then follow the image's hyperling and open in a new tab/window the image on that page.

Reload the page. Now everyhing should work.

Now you can read the posts or comments and everything you see will be saved on the redundant facebook copy. The bot updates it once a day. Only the posts or comments that are visible in your browser will be saved. If a post is long and is not displayed completely on the post list only the visible part will be saved. Of course the bot will not replace an already saved complete version with a new, incomplete one.

After you finished reading change your browser settings to stop using the proxy.

That should be all you need to know. But if you think you need help you can always ask for it.