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Re: Conference Speech
author: Sustainabilizer • sent: 21.07.2015 21:13 • received: 10.11.2014
Dear past self,
Sustainabilizer, at 9.11.2014 16:57 wrote:
here's your past self again.
In the OTT, balthasar_s wrote:
ETA: linking to the ct-if: After receiving a message its ID changes. messages in the inbox start with "ct" and in the outbox with "wt". In July 2015 "wt1415532745" will change to "ct1415532745".

Since I expect that I'll have forgotten this until July 2015, can you please do that right after answering my messages?

Do what? Update the links in the OTT?

It's been a long Time, but IIRC balthasar_s sustainabilized the ct-if shortly after you had sent your message. Wait for it.

As a result, it's no more necessary to update the links. I just tested it: They are still working. :)

Molpish wishes,
Sustainablizer (2015)
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