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Conference Speech
author: Sustainabilizer • sent: 9.11.2014 11:32 • received: 18.07.2015
Dear future self,

I know it's Time to start preparing our speech for the upcoming conference in Feb/Mar 2015. But as we know well, our TODO list doesn't leave enough Time to do that as thorough as appropriate until the next seaish semester break in summer 2015. But hey, there's the chronotransponder!

In your time, we have already attended the conference. You know who will have been present, and you got a lot of inspiration from the speeches of the other OTTers.

We don't want to get in trouble with the CFRT. (We already have enough trouble with the people from the hills administration of the Sustainable University.) So I am not asking you to prepare the speech for me. But maybe you have some hints and some inspiration for me and for all OTTers who might face the same problem?

Thanks in advance, and molpish wishes from your past,
Sustainabilizer (2014)

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