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Re: Was it molpish?
author: b • sent: 2.04.2015 21:04 • received: 05.10.2014
Sustainabilizer, at 5.10.2014 19:01 wrote:
b, at 01.04.2015 19:45 wrote:
That would definitely create a temporal paradox. That's exactly this kind of thing that the CFRT posters warn about.
Nevertheless, thanks for your molpcouragement. :)
b wrote:
Out of 3 randomly chosen definitions of molpishness all 3 indicate that it was.
Thank you. :) I'm now looking forward to the event.
(Don't worry, feed s#uirpies, you know.)

By the way, the message you have responded to did not show up in the ct-if; only your answer did. Maybe that's RE#ATED to the interferences. (Hey, there are much less of them this Time.)

Greetings from phase 3,
Of course it didn't appear. In your time it wasn't received yet. You sent it to 1.4.2015. It will be received on 1.4.2015. And then it'll appear in the interface.

If I remember correctly, the Balthasar from the past will have made the outbox visible soon.
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