KXA: Yes?
B: hello, yyyyyym, I wanted to tell something. I heard you wanted to wisit me today later,
KXA: Yes, but after the city. We're in the car already.
B: So, what I wanted to tell is: No need to hurry. If you arrive later, that's even better. I'm outside now. I'll be looking for an "object generator".
KXA: So maybe we should meet you first and the city later?
B: Why?
KXA: I'm interested, What's an object generator?
B: No idea. I've never seen one. And also it says it was there in the 80s and not now.
KXA: "there"?
B: near the gate at the road to nowhere. But what will your hacker think of this?
KXA: He says it's a bad idea. I'll try to convince him.
B: Because it is.
KXA: Luckily, I don't have to convince you.
B: Do what you want. Have a nice trip and watch out for batmans.
KXA: Thanks, see you soon.
B: Bye.