B: So you already had it?
B: Why do you all have this cool stuff?
B: Now we only have to find out how to make the connection.
TLF: But not now.
TLF: Have something to do.
B: Ok.
B: The file you sent me.
B: It says there was an object generator.
B: Close to where I am now.
TLF: !
B: Where did you get this file?
TLF: Was already here.
B: I think I'll go and take a look at this place.
TLF: Please tell me what you find.
B: I will.
B: IF I find something.
B: Which I think is unlikely.
B: But it would be nice.
B: Because finding things is a good way of spending time.
TLF: I agree.
B: Bye,
You ended the private chat with theLuckyFinder (TLF).

Everything done. Now you can execute your idea.