Tell TLF what you learned

You started a private chat with theLuckyFinder (TLF).
B: I'm back.
B: Good news.
B: There is a way to connect the games.
B: There is a thing called TIOC.
B: It will connect our games by Coincidence.
B: I don't know how to use or configure it yet.
B: But I can send it to you already.
You sent the file /home/b/coincidence/files/tioc.lpg
TLF: Thanks.
TLF: What do I do now?
B: It's supposed to be "installed" by a "packet manager".
TLF: I don't know where the packet manager is.
TLF: But I just clicked the file.
TLF: There is an "install" option.
TLF: I'll try it.
TLF: Wait for it.
TLF: "Can't install package "tioc" version 0.15.
TLF: Version 0.17 already installed.
TLF: Use "-v" to downgrade."