B: Hi, what's up Fred?
FTH: Don't call me Fred, balt. That's not my name,
B: Don't call me balt, that's not my name either :)
B: Anyway you could consider changing your username.
B: Most people don't understand the reference.
FTH: You won't find them here on coincidence.
FTH: What I wanted to say is this:
FTH: We're going to the city today. We could visit you when coming back.
B: I'm not prepared for this.
FTH: We're not expecting a party.
FTH: The second thing may be a little surprising to you.
FTH: The question is:
FTH: Would you like to play a game?
B: ?
FTH: The robotic madness game.

What happened?
Yesterday he said that he is not interested in this game at all and now this?