AP: Ok, wait while I find it.
artificialPerpendicularity (AP) sent you the file tioc.tar.gz
AP: You unpack it and then "make" and "make install". It has readme files.
B: Thank you very much for your game-changing help!
B: One more question.
B: What's the differenced in LEML?
AP: LEML made an OS and they called it LEML.
AP: It uses a modified Linux kernel which is also called LEML.
AP: It's the only OS in which I could make the CT card work.
B: No, I mean, about installing TIOC.
AP: There is a file for the package manager
artificialPerpendicularity (AP) sent you the file tioc.lpg
AP: That's all.
B: My other friend also has LEML.
AP: That's very expectable, actually.
AP: Anyway, today I will not have the time for games.
AP: Also, speaking of today, happy birthday!
B: Thank you.
AP: Come back when you manage to make it work. (or not)
artificialPerpendicularity (AP) ended the private chat with you.