AP: I do have access to the internet but not directly.
B: And you're talking to me how?
AP: I use the CT card.
B: Ok, I remember. You told it's kind of like wifi, right.
AP: Kind of, you could say that and you wouldn't be completely wrong.
B: Does it have anything to do with the ctif?
AP: It has very much to do. The CT card is a device which implements the ctif protocol.
B: So you're also using ctif in coincidence?
AP: Yes. but,
AP: What does your "also" mean?
B: I talked with my friend today.
B: She also has a ctif coincidence and no internets.
AP: She has a ct card too?
B: Yeah, looks like it.
AP: Where did she get it?
B: Found it with the computer, I think.
AP: She just FOUND a CT card? She's really lucky!
B: That's her name, actually.
AP: ???
B: She uses the name "theLuckyFinder" on coincidence.
AP: I never saw this name before.
AP: And there aren't many new people.
AP: Maybe she blacklisted me for some reason.
B: No idea.
B: If only ctif was internet-compatible...
AP: This could be done, kind of, with TIOC.
AP: If you manage to install it.