Is there any pattern behind all this?

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title: Is there any pattern behind all this?
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command: Examine server
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That's exactly what you are trying to find out right now.
More specifically, you are trying to see if there are any CT card settings which allow you to access something in this [i]new[/i] internet and at the same also access something in [i]your[/i] internet.

If this is successful then there must be some connection between those internets.
And maybe you could find a way to get there without all this CT stuff that you don't understand very well.

Doing this manually is a very unrealistic task.
So you decided to write a script which will do it for you instead.

In a loop the script will:[list][*] change the CT settings by a small step[/*][*] try downloading something from a server in your home (not in this room, in the next room)[/*][*] store the result in a log file[/*][/list]
The server is already running.