Try to find out

TLF: In the connection method I have CTIF selected, not TPC/IP.
B: That's bad news.
B: I don't even know what this "CTIF" is.
B: In my Coincidence the ctif module doesn't work.
B: But IIRC one of my friends told me something about ctif some time ago.
B: Or was it something else.
B: Maybe he can help us.
B: Because I have no idea what to do now.
TLF: In my received files there is a file with ctif in the name.
theLuckyFinder (TLF) sent you the file ogloc.ctif.txt
B: Thanks.
B: Maybe someone on your place who knows himself on computers can help you?
TLF: I don't think so.
TLF: I don't know any such people.
TLF: Computers aren't popular here.
TLF: It's not easy to be the only girl with a computer.
TLF: Nobody understands it.
B: How did it happen that you do have a one?
TLF: I found it.