Wait for it

TLF: I can't connect.
TLF: "Serwer unreachable".
B: Hm, not good, I'm sure I did set up everything correctly on my side.
B: Also, your network setup must be correct too, otherwisw we wouldn't be able to talk.
B: Maybe there's a firewall or a proxy or something.
B: You can access the Internet without problems, right?
TLF: No.
B: ?
TLF: I don't have access to these internet.
B: Then how does your Coincidence work?
B: could you open your connection configuration?
TLF: Done.
B: What are your TCP/IP settings?
TLF: Everything left empty.
B: ???

What? That doesn't make sense.
HOW is she able to talk to you?