Start the game

B: Hi2, what happeneD/
TLF: I got lost in the options.
TLF: And alttab made the computer not work.
TLF: I had to start again.
B: I can help with the options.
B: Also, you can turn off fullscreen with F10.
B: You turn the game on. The menu:
B: - Jeden player
B: - Multi player
B: - Settings
B: - Authors
B: - Koniec.
B: The selection is obvious - multiplayer.
B: Next screen: Start server, Join server.
B: Join.
B: Next screen:
B: Adres:
B: (But don't remember it. It will be different tomorrow.)
B: Port: 59549
B: Then "connect".
B: That should be all you need.
TLF: I'll try.