Send the game

B: Ok, it looks like you have a linux on an emulated computer. I'll send you the file.
You sent the file /media/cdrom0/gnulinux32/SKADV_WIE_i386.tar.gz
B: I hope it works.
TLF: Where do I find the file?
B: In the GUI: Extra -> Show downloaded files.
TLF: I see it. There is also another file "ogloc.ctif.txt".
B: Ok, unpack my file.
TLF: Unpack?
TLF: Nevermind, done.
B: There should be a file "SKADV1".
B: That's the game.
TLF: Yes I see it.
theLuckyFinder disconnected (timeout).

You wonder what happened.
Has the game destroyed her computer?
It would be bad if the game did that.
Will she come back?