Redundantly connect to TLF

B: The operating system on your computer.
TLF: I don't know, actually.
B: We could find it out.
B: What does it look like when the computer starts?
TLF: At first white letters on black background.
TLF: But they are in a foreign alphabet I don't understand.
B: ???
TLF: Then, an orange background and icons. Also foreign.
TLF: I click a circular icon.
TLF: Text "Emulator x86" appears.
TLF: Then, again, white-on-black text. This time readable.
TLF: Next, a "Choose kernel". Only default option works.
B: What is it?
TLF: "LEML Extremely Modified Linux"
TLF: After that a blue background and everything works.

Now you're having a redundant Coincidence chat with TLF on two computers.
This is very cool.

You determined which version of the game she needs.
You can send the correct file now.