Continue conversation

You started a private chat with theLuckyFinder (TLF).
B: Hi
TLF: Oh, hi,
TLF: What's new? Any thing intrestening?
B: Not really, except that I'm waiting for my new glasses. But that's not why I'm writing now.
TLF: No, please tell.
TLF: Why you yould wait for new glasses?
B: They became a little too small for me.
TLF: Are drinking more these days?
B: No, the other kind of glasses.
TLF: You mean, the eye windows?
TLF: Ok, I understand now.
TLF: Also, what is the your original reason?
B: I wanted to ask.
B: Would you be interested in playing a game?

That wasn't a good decision, to use this computer. You have to send the game file from the CD. How will you do it on a computer which doesn't have a CD drive and is connected to the network with a RS232 cable?