Blow up some precious equipment

Yes, that's your goal.
But right now you're still learning how to walk in this game.

Your character is standing in the middle of a treeish place.

Also, you are wondering which stuff you are supposed to destroy and what methods for doing this are available.
Are there some teams defined by the game(s)?
Or is everyone playing against everyone else?

There is a way to find out.
Try do destroy a lot of different things and see which explosions bring you profit.

You are glad to play the explosion game rather than the robot game.
Programming robots seems to require more time to get familiar with.

These robots that people keep talking about are these movable objects on wheels which are driving around the world and following your orders.
They are controlled by "programming" them which is just a fancy way to say "telling them what you want them to do by writing precise instructions in a silly arbitrary made up language which you have to learn first in order to be able to achieve any reasonable outcome".

While your friends will be busy figuring out how to make their robots move around you will already totally rule this game!