You found some software for adjusting the behavior of the CT card.
With this software you could change some "coordinates" and "tracking options".
You didn't know what all these numbers and values could mean but you discovered that changing the settings affects the number of available Coincidence servers.

Another discovery was TIOC (TCP/IP over Coincidence). It allows tunneling TCP/IP over a Coincidence chat.
TCP/IP is just another protocol for computer networks. And tunneling one protocol through another is also not a new idea. But combined with one additional discovery it becomes something special.

On some active Coincidence servers you could find an always online user who never replies to any messages. But if you try to connect to that user with TIOC it will be successful.
Appartently it's a TIOC server (or how do you call it?).
If you make the TIOC connection you can now access through TCP/IP the whole network which that server is part of.
And if that network is connected to an even bigger network, an Internet, then you also have access to that Internet, as seen from that server.

This was a really big discovery.
Suddenly you had access to a giganticly big new Internet which would otherwise not be available to you.