Most of the stuff on this system has something to do with "LEML".
LEML seems to be the name of a company or organisation or whatever else which really likes to put "LEML" into the names of the things they make.
The LEML operating system using the "LEML Extremely Modified Linux", the "LEML Elementary Microcomputer Language" - an interpreted language to write scripts, and so on.

There was no information available online about this LEML stuff.
Did you accidentally receive some top-secret stuff?
Or maybe just something obscure and irrelevant?

You were curious and you didn't want to give up.
With no outside information available you had to focus on the inside.
On what you can find on the computer inside, both on the real and the emulated system.

You quickly discovered that available documentation was very limited.
But that didn't stop you from discovering some interesting things.