Offer some help in this difficult situation

You would really like to help him somehow.
But you realise that you don't have the power to actually do anything helpful.

AP: Anyway, I do not have the possibility to provide some actual help to you in your situation, from so far away.
AP: The only thing I could do is to offer you some obvious advice.
AP: Like trying to find out what you did that brought you there.
AP: And if there is a possibility to use it in the opposite direction.
AP: And how to survive in that place.
AP: Additionally, your username makes much more sense now.
B: Actually, it looks like my bike did not follow me here.
B: I just started exploring this place.
B: I don't know what I will find here.
B: I have hope!
B: I can share with you some findings if you will be interested.
B: Now I have some exploring to continue.
AP: Good luck, bye. (and I have some robot to rescue)
You ended the private chat with bicyclesonthemoon (B).

This talk.
This new information.

It changes everything!

How did stuff suddenly happen the way it did?
And you thought that you started to understand what's going on.
Apparently not.
Is this chaos theory in action?

You will have to rethink everything now.
That's some additional unexpected thinking.

But now,
calm down a bit.
How about a nice walk?
You have to go downwards anyway.
And try to recover whatever is left of the robot.

Poor robot.

Life was so much simpler before you entered this damn roof.