Continue talking

FTH: So this is true.
That's not good at all.
Staying on the moon is not very healthy, I heard.
B: Yes.
So It's a good idea to come back.
FTH: Can you do it? You know how?
B: Not yet.
We didn't even examine the button which took us here yet.
There were some more important things to do.
Like trying to find out if there is anything to eat.
Good news: there is.
Then we started exploring computer rooms, checking out all the valuable equipment here.
Because I discovered something interesting.
Remember our Coincidence server ID? 80236?
A computer here has this number written on it.
FTH: Interesting.
B: We found a laptop, we could successfully use Coincidence from it.
FTH: Through this server you found?
B: Not sure about it.
And then we discovered an even more interesting computer.
It's the so called Legendary Environment Manipulator. By LEML.
FTH: The what?
B: It's kind of like a world editor?
FTH: What?
B: I don't know how to explain it.
Apparently, it has a strong influence on the state of the world.
Or that's what it looks like from here.
Anyway it made this phone call possible so the effect is real.
FTH: I don't know how to respond to that.
B: You could share your side of the unbelievable story.