FTH: No, but seriously.
B: I told you.
I am serious.
I'll start from the beginning.
Or rather from the end.
End of the road to nowhere.
That's where we started.
We went forward from there, looking around.
That place was listed as a location of an object generator, whatever that could be.
Soon we found... a building.
FTH: I don't remember any building being there.
B: That's what we thought as well.
But it was there, anyway.
It looked as if it has been there for some long time, already.
It looked as if it was abandoned.
The door was open so we went inside to take a look.
FTH: This never ends well.
B: Except when it does.
Which is most of the time.
But not this time.
From the inside it looked far less abandoned than before.
The obvious decision was to quickly leave the place.
Unfortunately, on the way out we touched something.
It fell down and pressed a button.
It triggered some kind of coundtown on a 7 segment display.
And it was no longer possible to open the door.
Important sidenote is that the door is actually a double set of doors with a tiny room in between, forming an airlock.
FTH: This doesn't sound good at all.
B: Indeed.
The countdown reached zero and stopped finally.
At first nothing happened.
Then, some strange light and an even stranger feeling.
Soon, we realised what's wrong.
The gravity became significantly weaker!
A look through the nearest window made it obvious:
We're not on our Earth any more.