TLF: I don't expect this would be a very successful.
TLF: Hello my friends that I know.
TLF: I would tell you about my one other friend.
TLF: No you didn't know him yet.
TLF: No you can't see him. He is in the computer.
TLF: No he is not inside, he just sends me words there.
TLF: But he is in real trouble now.
TLF: He sits on the moon and doesn't know how to climb down.
TLF: Really.
B: Yes, indeed.
B: I would like to tell about it to FTH.
B: He is most likely waiting for me.
B: Anyway I promised I would tell you what I found so I did.
B: I will have to look around here.
B: If something could take me here maybe something else can take me back.
B: This place can keep me alive for some more time.
B: If I don't find anything then I don't know what.
B: But maybe together with you or AP or someone else we can come up with something?
TLF: I wish you the very good success with this.
TLF: When I see the moon next time I will wave to you.
TLF: Please do your best to find out what to do next!
B: I will try.
B: Thanks and bye.
You ended the private chat with theLuckyFinder (TLF).

It was nice to be able to talk to some people you know.
To see that you're still in the same world as them.

(But you have to admit that sometimes the things they write make you wonder if they really live in the same world as you but that's not important right now.)

But having Coincidence available is not enough to change anything about your situation yet.

That would be too easy, apparently.
Looks like it's time to continue exploring this place.