What does it mean?

B: ??
B: What do you mean?
TLF: If you want to tell a nice silly story
TLF: you should include more detail.
TLF: And you shoud try
TLF: to make it at least try to be any believable.
TLF: I know you can do it better.
TLF: And also I would really like to know what did you actually found there.
B: But I'm being serious right now.
B: I actually went into an open building I found.
B: Then something happened.
B: And the whole building is on the moon now.
B: I found a computer with coincidence here so I could call you.
B: If I made this up.
B: I would probably come up with something better, indeed.
TLF: Oh no. You are alone on the actual moon and it's all because of me.
B: I'm not alone, however.
B: One of my friends got involved in all this.
B: And I don't think it's because of you.
B: After all, I started the topic of playing a game together...
TLF: What now?
TLF: You told me this.
TLF: I can do something?
TLF: I don't have the power to organise a rescue expedition.
B: You're not able to tell about it to anyone I know, I guess.
TLF: No. But I'm able to tell it to anyone I know.