Talk to the outside world.

You started a private chat with artificialPerpendicularity (AP).
B: Hello again.
B: You probably will not believe what I'm going to say.
AP: That you already managed to setup TIOC without any problems and are ready to return to your game playing plan?
B: No.
AP: That's good because as I already mentioned I still have some other things to finish before.
AP: So what is the unbelievabable news you have for me now?
B: We woke up in space.
AP: Oh.
B: I mean, literally.
B: That is, literally in space, not literally woke up.
AP: What do you mean by this?
B: We found a secret base. Abandoned. Or that's what it looked like.
B: We accidentally touched something and we're not here any more.
B: I mean, we are here but it's a completely different "here" now.
B: I look out of the window and I see a nice lunar landscape.
AP: What?
AP: But that makes no sense.

You really wanted to tell someone about your current situation.
Now when you started,
it is going less well than planned.
You wish you were better at dealing with words.