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ongtime: 1504026002
timer: 50
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height: 410
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[tq][ni]KXA: Are all the papers filled and prepared?[/ni]
[br]FTH: I should be asking you this.[/br]
[ni]KXA: Why?[/ni]
[br]FTH: Because you took them.[/br]
[ni]KXA: What? No. I didn't. I thought you did.[/ni]
[br]FTH: I did not.[/br]
[ni]KXA: So he still has all the papers...[/ni]
[br]FTH: I should have been more careful what I wish for. I asked for a rational reason and I got one. Now we have to visit him first.[/br][/tq]

What an unexpected change.

You still have some time to spend in the car. What will you do?
Reading is no longer an option. You remembered that reading in the car can make you feel sick.