KXA: answer the phone

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title: KXA: answer the phone
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You answer the phone. A [url=###vw&98;]conversation[/url] starts.
[tq][ni]KXA: Yes?[/ni]
[ni]KXA: Yes, but after the city. We're in the car already.[/ni]
[ni]KXA: So maybe we should meet you first and the city later?[/ni]
[br]FTH: What? no. Very bad idea.[/br]
[ni]KXA: I'm interested, What's an object generator?[/ni]
[ni]KXA: "there"?[/ni]
[ni]KXA: He says it's a bad idea. I'll try to convince him.[/ni]
[ni]KXA: Luckily, I don't have to convince you.[/ni]
[ni]KXA: Thanks, see you soon.[/ni][/tq]