Before: 9
onlineTestTerminal (OTT) joined the public chat on server 80236.
OTT: B: Tip the trash can over
OTT: Then, look for treasures in what falls out of the trash can.
OTT: Then, rate the treasures in a scale from 1 to 10.
OTT: But use only prime numbers.
OTT: Ooo shiny
OTT: Gingercat waveth to thee.
OTT: Karhell waveth back, and wishes thee a happy new Outside Yip
OTT: Hello!
OTT: Taixzo waveth at the assemblage
OTT: GnomeAnne doth also wave.
OTT: The interference of all these wavews creates a nice pattern
OTT: K: Was there something you wanted to do today?
OTT: Who is K?
OTT: We are?
OTT: k.
OTT: Luckily, K sent you a birthday gift. Perhaps it's a Baltidex?
onlineTestTerminal (OTT) left the public chat on server 80236.