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OTT: OTT:488:31 River Groove Armada ; OTT:2330:18 Royal Guest Apartments ; ...
OTT: ?
OTT: How this is related?
OTT: 488:31 is "True, Cueball doesn't know how anything works".
OTT: 2330:18 is a post of ED with a lot of autogenerated words.
OTT: Could someone tell me what it means?
OTT: Ok I get it now.
OTT: I should count from 0, not 1.
OTT: this is the answer to "What is RGA?"
OTT: But which one of you asked the question originally?
OTT: Is it related somehow or what?
OTT: Or someone just put some random words here?
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TLF: e
TLF: hello world
TLF: (this is what you write your the first words in the new interface)
TLF: this is very new thing for me I don't know how everything works inside this
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OTT: Don't drop the palette, you could cause a NICE PALETTE DROP! and it was seen that NICE DROP!s don't end well.
OTT: There probably are at least 1 cat picture(s) in the subchannel!
OTT: Maybe this is a stupid question but what is the subchannel?
OTT: It is a compact disc specification particularity that time (mostly) forgot.
OTT: It also lets you hide almost 26MB (!) of data on any CD, regardless of mode. CD+G is a good example.
OTT: Welcome to the computer room.
OTT: Nobody cares about the
OTT: (by LEML)
OTT: Wow okay
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