Connected to server 80236 as user onlineTestTerminal (OTT), public key 0ad59bdd.
OTT: What's with all this waiting right now?
OTT: Maybe that's one tire, topologically?
OTT: glass + bad luck?
OTT: But why would both tires be flat?
OTT: And we need to avoid stopping because then we'll never get there.
OTT: To stop continuing towards the destination and take Time to put air back in the tire.
OTT: What's the most obvious and logical action?
B: Or did you see it somewhere else?
B: Have you seen the car?
B: Wait, I recognise this text.
B: That was supposed to be an answer?
OTT: What's AR?
OTT: All the matter we check must assume AR.
OTT: All the chatter we make must amuse AP.
OTT: Hat's a what?
OTT: What's a hat?
OTT: We have hats?
OTT: That's a nice vertical arrangement of "hat's" we have here.
OTT: What's a mailbox?
OTT: What's in the mailbox?
OTT: That's probably not a good idea, it could end badly.
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