Zanclean Zodiac 09

Zanclean Zodiac 09
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OTC Field Report         (OTT time travel)
OTC Field Report

This is the log of Ambassador Azule. I have been assigned to the Mediterranean Pre-Flood Region. Before the projected Zanclean Flood is to begin I will be exploring this wondrous region with a local guide. The locals, consisting of many diverse and distant tribes of different technological advancements, are just as intriguing as their local fauna. As I explore the region with a local named "Cueball" I will learn of the unique traditions born under sea level, the center of a world that will no longer be.

The Long Night

Having spent days hiking, we reach the Deep Baobab Grove, still far below sea level. We rest for the night. During our hike we encountered another group local to the region, who have brought with them supplies for the ensuing darkness. Cueball calls them Beanies, most likely due to their ubiquitous hats. He "translates" for me, but I have the feeling that he doesn't quite know what they are saying either.

The nights are cool but filled with the warmth of life. While the wind is still, I see movement silhouetting a show for us. Translating for the Beanie, Cueball brings my attention to the trunk of a certain baobab tree. With that our focus is now on the sky. Stories of creatures I cannot see on the ground before me fill the space of the air above me.

The Beanie, whose name I don't quite understand, says through Cueball, that the origins of their land starts with a small creature and a simple act.
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