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08.07.2014, 08:00 UTC
Did you notice …         (OTT time travel)
… the greetings?
When Beardo, BrokenBean, and Ms. Frizzle returned from their survey, Rosetta and Amtoo told them about Cuegan, who had just left the Château d'If (and stolen the maps). So they knew about the Cueganites.

On their way back to the island² (which used to be a mountain¹ before) Ms. Frizzle and BrokenBean saw that someone who knew the Château d'If was on that island (which was previously empty). They concluded that those might be the Cueganites and told the ship's crew to deliver the news to Rosetta and Beardo.

Beardo and Amtoo volunteered for contacting the strangers and to invite them to the Zanclean Flood Resettlement Programme. So they went with the ship which is picking up Ms. Frizzle and BrokenBean. (Rosetta couldn't join them. As the Beanie leader, she has too many other duties.) Like Rosetta, Beardo has some background in Unglish. He practised it a little with Rosetta, so he can speak to the strangers.

On the ship, Amtoo asked Beardo how to welcome them in their own language. (Since he has no background in Unglish and he doesn't have a native speaker at hand, his accent combines that of Rosetta/Beardo and that of Ms. Frizzle at her first tries to speak Unglish.)

La Petite learned some Beanish phrases from BrokenBean. (She still has the same accent as Ms. Frizzle has, with opposite sign.)
… the title text?
It changed.
Did you notice …
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