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21.06.2018, 22:02 UTC
Additional information

Welcome to my Physics story.

This online comic is in the spirit of xkcd: Time. It updates twice per week, each Wednesday, 24:00h (or Thursday, 0:00h, depending on your sleep pattern), and each Sunday, 12:00h (noon), Central European Time.

In some sense it is a fan-made sequel of the fan-made sequel of Time. (There is a Wiki which provides more information about the Time comic – and also has a section about this comic.)

If you want to discuss this comic – for instance, if you have some questions and/or answers – I recommend to visit the discussion thread of Time, the so-called One True Thread (OTT). I'm posting there, too.

(Right now, the xkcd forums are offline, but you can visit The ЯOЯЯIM TTO instead. I'm posting there, too, in the Mustardtime Otherthread).

For an example, see the analysis of this frame in the forum (or in The ЯOЯЯIM TTO). After following the links to the forum, scroll down a little – or read the other contributions to the forum. They are worth it.

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